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Small Business Blog not in Google ? << George Susini Web Tip

Website tips for Small Business By George Susini

Has your Small Business Blog suddenly disappeared from the Google Search engine results ? The reason might be simple but time consuming to fix. Check you blog comments that are left by visitors, it is very likely you blog is filled with spam comments and Google has penalized you for it.  When approving comments to appear on you blog, you need to check several things before approving them. Check the actual link that is left – do you want that site associated to you blog or business ? Is the comment even real or just and advertisement ?

Good Blog programs such as WordPress allow you to make the comments as spam, this will help automatically identify comments as spam so they wont appear in you blog. You will need to go through all the comments in you blog and remove the spam ones, resubmit you sitemap to Google and the other engines and get them to re-index your blog without the spam.

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August 2, 2009 at 7:08 pm

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